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Social Media & Video Production Services NYC

We are in the digital era where social media and digital presence are now the most valuable assets for any brand or small business. A Youtube video, an Instagram Reel or a Tiktok video can become the first impression of many businesses instead of a Google search now. Video content and social media are now the priority for most marketing strategies for startups or even for individuals who wants to build their own brand.

At BSM Creative Productions, we’ve been helping our clients create strong digital presence for years. We know that content is king, and video is the best medium for distribution. So we are ready to provide you high quality video production services with a unique social media strategy. Our professional videographers and brand strategists are ready to hear your needs. We provide both video production and photography services in creative studios to help clients in Queens, NY and whole NYC.

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New Generation Social Media Marketing

In the game of social media, rules change quickly. So you need to be one of the early adopters to take advantage of any platforms!

Content is the king in this game and video has always been the strongest storyteller for any brand. So we are laser focused on short videos that will help you to reach masses, and tell the story of your brand and find your target audience! At BSM Creative Productions, we’ve been helping our clients create strong brands for years. We know that every brand is different, and we understand that every client has different needs. That’s why we’re here to become your one-stop shop to help with everything from brand strategies to content creation and social media marketing.

Creative Marketing for Your Brand Strategy

We can provide you with a variety of services to help you boost your online presence, build an audience, and create a unique brand image. Trust us to provide you with creative strategies that are tailored to your unique needs.

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Creative Content

We can help you develop unique, creative solutions to your problems and enhance your overall brand.

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Get professional photography to really enhance your business and attract attention from potential customers.

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Video Production

Trust us to produce high-quality videos that have been tailored to work perfectly for different platforms.

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Social Media

We’ll help you create a social media marketing strategy that works for the biggest platforms in the industry.

What We Do

Creating Brand Identity with Video Content

We work with both businesses and individuals for personal branding and know everyone’s needs are different—so we’re ready to create fantastic videos, engaging and empowering photography, and offer visual design for your social media channels. We analyze your audience on each platform to come up with the best content creation and marketing strategies, no matter where you want to build a strong presence for your brand!

At BSM Creative Productions, we understand the importance of digital marketing services and social media in today’s world. That’s why we offer not just video production services, but also social media and digital marketing services to help you reach your target audience and maximize the impact of your video content.

We can create high-quality social media advertising, help with video production, and design online marketing strategies that will perfectly suit your unique brand. For many of our clients and partners we created commercial videos, corporate videos and platform specific social media videos where we edit each content to customize for each social channel.

We also offer commercial photography , fashion photography and event photography services to provide more visual assets to brands and individuals. We offer multiple creative studio options to meet different expectations. For product photoshoots we also offer virtual production services, where you can ship your products to us and create a customized session.

We take pride in delivering exceptional service and top-quality results to all of our clients in Queens, NY, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services and how we can help you achieve your goals through video content.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Joel Samuel Avatar
    Joel Samuel
    Partner, Cyberapts Managment

    Creative vision was spot on to tell the story that will sell the properties! We looked for unique engaging content rather than classic boring real estate videos and they delivered!

  • Jay Dee Jr. Avatar
    Jay Dee Jr.
    Founder, Freedom Music Events

    They created the content for our events, gave us direction at every step and even coached us with social media. Our experience was a full-service indeed!

  • Bounyadej Sananikone Avatar
    Bounyadej Sananikone
    CEO, The Sananikone Group

    The quality of the work has been way beyond our expectations and looking forward for a long-term partnership with the creative minds at BSM

  • Ozge Yenice Avatar
    Ozge Yenice

    I worked with Baris from BSM Creatives for the launch campaign for my small business! Everything was sooo smooth and all content they created was great and their social media guidance definitely helped us on Instagram and Tiktok! Definitely coming... read more

  • Carven Boursiquot Avatar
    Carven Boursiquot

    Wow oh wow! They do an outstanding job on the production! Baris is attentive to details, brings so much creative energy, ideas, and he strives to bring his A++ game to deliver professional quality work to exceed your expectations.

  • Megan Redlon Avatar
    Megan Redlon

    Baris is very professional and very fun to work with!! I needed a few headshots, but with Baris I got so much more! I not only got fabulous headshots, I also got some really fun pictures to share as well!!... read more

  • Shital Patel Avatar
    Shital Patel

    I absolutely loved working with Baris. He is a true professional, punctual and puts out great work. He made me feel comfortable, helped with poses to get the best shots and edited my photos perfectly to capture the aesthetic I... read more

  • Shyla Alfrederick Avatar
    Shyla Alfrederick

    This shoot was so fun to work. I got a chance to connect and network with a new photographer and got some amazing shots while doing so. Baris was super helpful and understanding creating a welcoming space. Very open to... read more

  • yajaira velez Avatar
    yajaira velez

    I was desperate for help with my online music brand after struggling to start it during the pandemic. The most important requirement was someone I could trust that was talented. I discovered BMS Production and booked them for my photo... read more

  • Goddess Smith Avatar
    Goddess Smith

    We worked together to filmed my TEDx TALK in NEW YORK. Baris was great to work with. He was always very responsive, very down to earth and LOVES what he does! You’re going to love Baris and his creative direction!

  • Brand New Gods Avatar
    Brand New Gods

    I was launching my brand and worked with Baris for the social media content, but he became a one-stop shop for us and I'm so satisfied with the visuals we got together with the marketing video he did for us!... read more

  • Jee Hae L. Avatar
    Jee Hae L.

    Baris was an absolute pleasure to work with. We hired him to film a highlight reel of our elopement and the final product was beautifully executed. He has a keen eye for selecting the best video footage and editing them... read more

  • Randy V. Avatar
    Randy V.

    A dream into reality, literally!
    Baris and I met prior to production day, and what a true professional of his craft.
    He listened, provided feedback, and executed the task.
    Baris knew how much value the project meant to me and he was...
    read more

  • Ritsuko S. Avatar
    Ritsuko S.

    I’m very happy with all the content he created. After the brief phone calls regarding my idea of the final product, everything was well-prepared in their studio. Despite his soft and polite character, his direction was sharp and clear which... read more

  • Rennes T. Avatar
    Rennes T.
    5 star rating

    It was wonderful working with Baris! From the beginning he was very kind and responsive. We planned our elopement at Central Park at very short notice. He super professional - showed up early and easy to work with. We loved... read more

  • Sophia B. Avatar
    Sophia B.
    5 star rating

    Baris is very patient and professional! I have no modeling training or experience and he still walked me through posing difficulties to result in great pictures! His style is very creative and he is extremely committed to his photography profession.... read more

  • Terrance K. Avatar
    Terrance K.

    Baris and his team are total professionals, they came with high end equipment, assistance, and several ideas on how we could utilize the setting, my props, and natural sunlight to create very memorable shots. I needed 10 perfect shots for... read more

  • John M.

    With the photos and video we saw, everything was great from start to finish and made our engagement experience even more unforgettable. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.

  • Sicelo S. Avatar
    Sicelo S.

    Great work! I really enjoyed the shoot and like the final touches. He will definitely get more work for me in the future

  • Cortland K.

    I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone I know. He was amazing and very kind person. He was well prepared and captured everything I wanted. The price was wonderful and I was very pleased with the results. He had a very... read more

  • Kapilesh K.

    Baris was very creative and skillful when it comes to being behind his camera. He told me that every shot tells a story and I was actually impressed how he used the edits to show different emotions. It was a... read more

  • Caroline B.

    As a photographer, Baris is very attentive, patient, professional and creative! I was quite happy with the way he directed me as a model since I had zero experiences! Also he always offers reviews on editing if I'm not satisfied.... read more


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