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four key benefits of commercial videos
25 Aug
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  • August 25th, 2021

When running a business, advertising is an important strategy when looking for growth and new customers. Advertising can be expensive however, and it is difficult to know where to properly allocate your budget. As social media and the internet have grown it has become clear that promotional videos sell products better than anything else.

Having commercial videos as part of your overall advertising strategy will be invaluable to your business and here are four reasons why.

Social Media Growth

There was a time when Facebook and MySpace were the only Social Media giants on the block, and in their early days it was mostly photos and profiles. Now we have entire platforms dedicated just to videos like Tik Tok and You Tube. Tik Tok for example, is an entirely vertical video platform made with the idea of uploading just smartphone videos onto your page for everyone to watch.

Platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram have grown into advertising gold mines that can make or break a business or a persons career. Influencers have used the power of their iPhones to turn themselves into millionaires with millions of dedicated followers. The most popular aspect of any social media platform, of course, are the videos.

What makes commercial videos grow your social media feed? Two reasons. One, on average we spend the majority of our time on our phones, this is especially true for the younger generations. Which means we are constantly watching new content and looking for new videos to watch online, in the palm of our hands. Secondly, social media comes with a handy feature to get your information out there quickly, if it’s entertaining, with the built in share buttons on every app. In a matter of seconds anyone can share your video to their friends, their own page, or even other social media platforms.

This translates to more views on your social media platforms increasing your followers and your overall social media presence.

Higher Conversion Rates

There have been thousands of surveys done from data collections companies to see how effective promotional videos really are and the same results pop up time after time. Commercial videos are the most effective form of advertising.

Users who watch videos are more likely to visit the website of the video they are viewing. When it comes to products, 73% of viewers watching product videos will make a purchase.

Most consumers view videos prior to making a purchase, whether that is in the form of an advertisement or a product tutorial. Videos lead to more sales, more views, and more conversion rates of all of your products.

Improved SEO

SEO has become so complicated that people spend years in college learning to master the art of it and trying to figure out how to crack the algorithms that search giant Google uses.

Googles algorithms are constantly changing and adapting as the internet and social media grows into the most effective advertising and communication platform out there. Another key benefit of commercial videos is its positive effect on your overall SEO.

Any video that is embedded into your website will automatically improve your chances of raising your ranks on Googles search feature. Your SEO climbs even higher when a video is embedded onto your home page.

Videos are easier to index than articles so Google often indexes them first.

They Are Entertaining

Even if the purpose of your video is to inform someone of a process or a product, this doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining as well. Videos are sensory by nature and draw the user in and are so much more enjoyable then just reading a basic blog post.

Think about the famous Super Bowl commercials that air every year. Millions of people around the world tune in part, for the commercials. Even though they are very clearly advertisements, created to entice the viewers to a purchase the product, they are often funny and unique giving us entertainment in between our beloved yearly football game.

Creating commercial videos for your business enhances your brand and gives it personality. It gives your target audience more of a reason to revisit your page continue to interact with your content because the video speaks to them in a personal way. This is why influencers have become so dominating when it comes to selling products and drawing in viewers. Videos create a personal connection with your customer and audience allowing them to interact with you in a way other advertisements cannot do.

There are dozens more reasons than the ones listed above that should motivate you to create commercial videos for your brand, but the bottom line is, they are effective. Study after study has shown that commercial videos are more effective at selling products and more efficient than any other type of advertising out there. If you haven’t created a commercial video for your business yet, 2021 is a great time to start.