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Professional Photography Services – NYC

Need next-level photos? NYC, with our creative studio options, and pro photographers, we’re ready to offer next-level photography services with a big smile on our faces!

At BSM Creative Productions, we can provide clients with outstanding photography services. Our photography studio is based in Queens, NY. We do offer custom photo sessions both in our studio or in other creative photo spaces in our network or of your choice. With over 5 years of experience our photographers have a unique focus on the hottest topics of New York. From fashion photography to luxury lifestyle, and commercial photography to branding for social media.. Jump on a call with our professional to schedule your photoshoot!

You can click on the category to check our galleries to see the results you can achieve with us! Our photographers are highly specialized with fashion photography, commercial photography and social media photography to meet all the possible needs of either your personal brand or small business.

Enjoy Custom Photoshoots in Unique Creative Studios in NYC

We offer photography services and sessions for individuals, brands, and businesses. We are always dedicated to make your creative vision happen or help you with it if you seek assistance. Our photographers have worked with numerous clients from the hottest industries of NYC. From fashion designers, social media influencers, real estate professionals, and small business owners we are ready to work with you.

For our commercial and product photo sessions, we conduct our sessions both in-person in our New York City photography studio and virtually after you ship your products to us. During remote sessions we constantly share updates with our clients to make changes to meet their expectations. We are ready to customize branding shoots with desired props and studio settings based on demand. So Book A Free Call With Us Now and let’s talk about your next session!

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Our professional-looking photos can enhance your marketing strategy or make your event more memorable. Choose to work with a commercial photographer from our studio and enjoy results that you’ll love. If you’re near Queens, NY, then consider reaching out to us to request a free consultation on our commercial photography services.

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