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Social Media Marketing

NYC Social Media Agency

Start taking your branding seriously and experience next level growth with our social media agency magicians! We’re ready to help clients both locally in NYC and the rest of the United States.

At BSM Creative Productions, we specialize in photo, video based content marketing for social media. We help brands create engaging content that builds their audience and also manage their channels to convert viewers into followers and traffic into sales. With our social media services, you can get unique content that is customized for your brand characteristics and messaging.

Providing You with Outstanding Social Media Marketing

We offer high quality video production manage paid ad campaigns on the most important platforms—such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube—for your digital branding. Through our social media services, we can help you plan, create, and manage those ad campaigns for your brand’s growth.

We know that authenticity is the key to growth. That’s why we work with you to find the right influencers who can create awareness for your brand with their own unique personalities and style. We want our clients to grow organically—not just because they have the money to reach out to people who don’t care about them at all!

  • Marketing strategies tailored to different social media platforms.
  • Exciting posts that will drive engagement.
  • Professional photos and videos to attract attention.
  • Strategic ad campaigns to reach the right people.
  • Expert guidance to help you make the most of your marketing plan.

Short-Form Video Content is the Future

Here are the facts about social media we already know:

  • Content is King! No algorithms nor hashtags can change this.
  • Video is the best medium to distribute your messaging and generate awareness.

Regardless of their age group, your target audience has a much shorter attention span. Therefore you have less time to talk about your value offering. We are here to help you to come up with the best strategy to reach larger audiences and make an impact with your messaging. Our team of specialists is ready to create a successful content strategy, content calendar and a working game plan you can implement again and again. Schedule your strategy call with us today and let’s make an impact on platforms like Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube!

Influencer Marketing and Social Media

Find The Right Influencers To Work With

Social media is used to be just a part of your branding campaign; it is now the most important element for conversion, sales, and audience building. And we want social media agency to be your one-stop shop for social media marketing to help you grow with your target audience, find the right influencers to create awareness with, and build the strongest online presence for your brand with consistent content! Contact us today to get a free initial consultation. We do host in-person strategy meetings with clients in Queens and rest of NYC.

  • Influencer Scouting
  • In-depth analysis and ROI calculation
  • Communication & Negotiating For Your Brand

Learn more about social media advertising and draw in potential customers! If you’re near Queens, NY, then consider contacting us today to get a free initial strategy session.